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Rollerskating at Ice Valley Centre Ice Arena a new offering by the KVPD!

Children with inline skates

The Kankakee Valley Park District’s Ice Valley Centre would like everyone to dust off their
old roller skates and get ready for some fun at Friday Night Roller Skate from 7 – 9 p.m.
With the removal of the ice surface in early May, the concrete slab under the ice has given us a perfect surface for roller skating. Bring everyone in the family, as this is open to the public for patrons of all ages. Live music will be played during the two hours by the local band Saints to Ashes.  Unlike our Public Ice Skate sessions, we will not be able to supply rental skates. Even if you would not like to skate but would like to check out the band and the disco-like atmosphere, you are more than welcome! There will be a $5 charge for everyone at the door.
Hope to see you out at “RollerValley” Friday night! and click on the link for more details.

Written by: Andrew Maronich, Operations Manager of Ice Valley Centre Ice Arena.

First in a Series . . .


Press Release: from The Kankakee Valley Park District

It looks like summer is really here. That means more of us can finally get outside
and enjoy nature. There is no better way to take it all in locally than at any of
Kankakee Valley Park District’s 37 parks and facilities.
Come on out. With the addition of two more summer-seasonal maintenance
staff, our grass cutting schedule is in full force. KVPD is working diligently to
maintain our current and first time in KVPD history A-plus Park District Risk
Management Agency (PRDMA) rating achieved last year. PDRMA have been
managing risks and promoting wellness for more than 150 Illinois Park Districts,
special recreation associations, forest preserve districts and conservation district
since 1984. KVPD is the only Park district in the county to achieve this honor.
Under the temporary direction of a three-division leadership of supervisors
consisting of (Finance, Maintenance, Recreation,) the KVPD staff is confident,
competent and motivated to provide residents and visitors with second to none
outdoor recreational experiences. Like our beautiful Kankakee River that runs
past one-third of our parks, we won’t stop because of obstacles and debris. We are
committed to keep moving to serve our district. Our employees continue to put
in 110% and have for a quite some time. A search for a new director is being run
through the IAPD. The Illinois Association of Park Districts is a nonprofit service,
research and education organization that serves park districts, forest preserves,
conservation, municipal-park and recreation, and special recreation agencies. The
association advances these agencies, their citizen board members and professional
staff in their ability to provide outstanding park and recreation opportunities, preserve
natural resources and improve the quality of life for all people in Illinois. Our
time line puts us at August 1st for a new director. Excitement for a new beginning is
under way!

The KVPD staff has implemented three summer camps and roller-skating at Ice Valley Centre Ice Arena as new attractions this summer. River Rocks concert series will take place at the Bird Park band shell. Be on the lookout for an adopt YOUR park program across the 37 parks to get neighborhoods interested in taking
“ownership” by pitching in on Saturday mornings. The KVPD spends $3,000 a month on garbage across our district. We are constantly searching for ways to cut costs. Please be cognizant about garbage in your area by perhaps carrying out the trash you create? In the event we need to cut back on cans, this would be why.

In the event we fall below your expectations, please let us know. Your concern is
our concern. Our mission statement remains unchanged as you can view at
Best regards,


Spring Sprang, and now it’s time to mow!

We all know there are 37 parks to mow and it takes 7 working days to get this accomplished.
So almost a week and a half to just make one pass. In the event we have massive days of rain, this puts the mowers behind on schedule. Hours to mow are around 57 hours, and the taller the grass the slower the mowers must go. We are putting our mowing schedule on our website and on all social media. If you have questions feel free to call 815.929.1885, ext. 301. The KVPD appreciates your patience and know that we are doing the best we can with limited people and resources in order to keep costs down.


February Specials going on Now!


During the month of February if you want to rent any of our facilities for the 2016 year,
simply come in and register and receive $50 Off of your rental.
This includes: (Civic Auditorium, Pioneer Park, Beckman Park, Jeffers Park, Goselin Park, or the RecCenter banquet room)

If you want to have a Birthday Party, Wedding, Reunion, Event, Memorial, Quinceanera then the KVPD has you covered!

Call 815.929.1885 or 815.939.1311 and the KVPD can apply your discount!